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Lead Generation

Generate Successful Leads for E-Commerce with Smart Designs

Everyone knows Google is the world’s most successful search engine, and companies around the world strive to achieve top Google rankings. But not everyone realizes that Google.com is also the world’s highest-ranking website. According to Alexa, Google’s own SEO performance outranks Google’s subsidiary YouTube, Facebook, top Chinese search engine Baidu and Wikipedia, which hold the next four top spots. Google’s SEO success is a byproduct of its design as a search engine, since web surfers typically visit Google in order to find other sites. This has helped turn Google into an e-commerce giant as well as a successful search engine. Here’s a look at some other web design approaches that successful e-commerce sites use to generate leads:

Amazon: Generating Organic Traffic with Keywords

Amazon is the world’s most successful e-commerce retail site, valued at nearly $100 billion at the end of 2016. Like Google, Amazon’s marketing strategy revolves heavily around its SEO-oriented design. Amazon draws traffic with keyword-rich product descriptions that use the exact phrases prospective buyers are likely to be searching for on Google and other leading search engines.

For instance, if someone goes to Google looking for the DVD release of the latest Star Wars movie, typing in “rogue one dvd” will produce search results that include an Amazon product page listing for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD].” The page’s full title tag includes other keywords naming the film’s top stars. The rest of the page includes supplementary product description information that mentions other relevant keywords.

Amway: Attracting Visitors with Content

Keywords work best for SEO when combined with relevant, valuable content that draws visitors interested in a particular topic, problem or question. In addition to doing SEO duty, such content can also be used for sharing on social media to attract followers and visitors.

An e-commerce site that uses this strategy effectively is Amway’s. Amway’s blog features practical tips on topics appealing to its target audience, such as tips on how to apply make-up, eat healthier, grow an organic garden or start a business. Blog posts are shared on Amway’s social media profiles, attracting followers, generating discussion, driving traffic to Amway’s site and ultimately turning visitors into customers.

Facebook: Capturing Contact Information

After you succeed in attracting visitors to your site, it’s vital to capture their contact information so you can pursue follow-up marketing efforts. It typically takes multiple contacts with a site visitor in order to convert them into a buyer.

Facebook’s web design exemplifies this approach. When a visitor lands on the home page of Facebook’s site, typically after installing Facebook’s app on their mobile phone, they see an invitation to sign up for a free account. The registration form requests information about the visitor’s name, mobile phone number or email address, birthday and gender. When the visitor fills this form out, they receive a free Facebook account, setting the stage for them to become buyers of products and services from Facebook and its advertisers.

YouTube: Leveraging Free Content

Requests for visitor contact information usually work best when some incentive is offered in return for the information. In Facebook’s case, the offer of using Facebook’s service functions as an incentive. In other cases, free content can be given away as an incentive. The content can be delivered in forms such as videos, emails and PDF files.

YouTube is the king of leveraging free content into business. As the second most-visited site on the internet after its own parent Google, YouTube gives away more free content than any other site. Visitors aren’t required to sign up for an account in order to watch YouTube videos, but registering confers visitors additional advantages, such as the ability to access more content, upload content and participate in discussions. Whether they sign up or not, YouTube receives revenue from advertisers who market to video viewers. YouTube also generates revenue by selling premium ad-free content to subscribers.

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‘corePHP’ has been hard at work creating high quality products for Joomla! We currently updated our YouTube Channels Module. We’ve added several fixes, features and all-new documentation.

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‘corePHP’ YouTube Module 3.0

The ‘corePHP’ YouTube Module just got bigger and better!

YouTube is the most popular video service online. Now you can integrate it directly into your website with our powerful YouTube module. Here are the latest and greatest enhancements and new features we’ve created for the updated package:

  • ‘corePHP’ Playlist Bar – One of our most popular requests! This playlist bar allows you to dump multiple results from the feed you are pulling from to give your users more viewing options. Below is a snap shot of the new feature:
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Put YouTube on your page today!

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