Tips to Creating Profitable E-Commerce Platforms

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The online world has become such a prominent part of the retail environment in recent years. Due to the convenience, mobility and quick pace of e-commerce sites, consumers love the chance to hop online and purchase their products. In fact, according to a report done by e-Marketer in 2016, global e-commerce retail sales were predicted to reach a huge $27 trillion in 2020. So as business owners and leaders, what can you do to maximize this growth? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can take on board to optimize your e-commerce site.

1. Quality Content Is Key for E-commerce

Despite the convenience of online shopping, customers still want to know what they’re purchasing; therefore, it’s vital that you still market your products in the same you would in a brick-and-mortar store. How do you do this? Ensure that all your content on your site is up to par, and not only describes your products well but shows off their features. Start with high-quality photography that displays the products from all different angles, and then include well-written and detailed descriptions. You can also add extra touches like videos of the products being used. By being thorough with your product pages, you are making it easier for customers to feel comfortable purchasing online and the chances of higher conversions increases.

2. Maintain Engagement Through Interactive Features

In this day and age, internet users are used to getting involved and being exposed to new and exciting content all the time. This should not be any different when it comes to e-commerce sites. Rather than having a slow, boring website, try and keep your visitors engaged through interactive features. Not only does it keep customers interested on your site, but it shows that you’re genuinely interested in providing superior service and product. For example, Apple Rubber allows consumers to enter the specific measurements they are after for certain products, which keeps them active and also shows that the brand has an attention to detail when it comes to offering their customers exactly what they want.

3. Connect and Utilize Social Media

When it comes to the internet, social media is the powerhouse that you can’t forget. It’s what attracts modern-day consumers to new brands and what keeps them interested. Start by promoting your online products heavily on social media, and make it easy for followers to be directed straight to your site through quick links. On a larger scale, you can also utilize social media to build marketing campaigns related to your e-commerce site — think ideas like Instagram photo competitions that include your products or hashtag communities on Twitter. If you’re open to paying for activity, Facebook Ads and Instagram ads are an efficient way to reach interested consumers; target audiences by particular demographics and re-target to those who have either previously shopped with you or have visited your site.

If you’re thinking about making an e-commerce site or already have one, then you’re moving your company in the right direction. However, as such a fast-growing platform, you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of its capabilities, so adopt some of these tips to optimize your site.

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