Top 7 Web Development Tips For Building Attractive Landing Pages


A landing page is significant in building a successful lead generation strategy. It acts as a mini-website; if you have launched a new application to play store and want to reach out to the maximum audience and want to increase downloads, then this is a page you send visitors to get their email, communicate with them and turn them into customers.

You can use a landing page to increase mail traffic, increase sales, increase visibility, invite people to your product launch or seminars, or make an announcement or offer a discount.

When you click on someone’s landing page, you are already considered to be part of their customer and you are redirected to the main website or application, so that you can know more about specific service or product.

The purpose of a landing page is it takes somebody from finding you on Google, from searching whatever is it is you offer to:

  1. Experience our brand, and it increases credibility
  2. Understand why you’re stand out from others
  3. Landing pages focus on the short term goals, reviews, and ratings.
  4. Landing pages increase your Email list.
  5. See what people have to say about you

Landing page’s main target is to convert consumer from prospecting to targetted So here we have seven tips for a developer to follow at the time of making landing page:

1) Choose The Suitable Landing Page Builder

There are many online tools and software, who offer readymade landing page builders and customization. But try to choose a responsive and attractive template that can engage more customers and users friendly.

For starters, use Agile CRM software with befitting features like 360-degree traffic view, sales tips, lead conversion, bulk mail sending process, module management process, attractive page builder..etc. A professional landing page creator is already equipped with all the necessary tools.

Henceforth, Agile CRM is one of the most effective CRM software in the current market, and it offers a free trial as well, to give it’s customers a hands-on experience before making an actual purchase.

2) Precise, Sweet and Concise

A landing page should be accurate, short, and clean. It should all useful information and images, but your text must not indicate over sales. Offer relevant information that is useful for the audience. That’s it. No big paragraphs and additional content confuse the audience and mislead them about the product.

3.) Flawless Design

Flawless design attracts users, and it should be eye catchy to increase traffic. Every website must be motivated towards the aligning of the interaction of the user to the business. Only after a great deal of useful functionality, straightforward navigability, and improved responsiveness.

If you don’t have any clue regarding designs, then follow some famous designers on Dribble and Behance, and try to contact them. If the impression after usage of a website is effective, then it means the experience of the users has been beneficial on the part of the business and the former, both.

4) Call To Action

Your CTA should be on top of your landing page. A call to action button increase web traffic encourages viewers to click and subscribe for a webpage, landing page, email, newsletter, or any pop-up. A CTA button or link closes the deal.

A Call to Action” is an activity’s ignition point which is made known by its leader’s communication in one form or another. In terms of Military Science & Tactics, it could be a verbal command such as, “Move Out!” In civilian or military terms, it could be electronics such as a received text message, e-mail, cell or landline phone call. Kinetic in nature, a call to action is active, not passive.

5) Mobile Friendly

90% audience uses mobile phones and spent half of the day on the phone, so it is inevitable to have a mobile-friendly landing page. A responsive landing page is something more than necessary to serve content in the mobile devices optimized way. Today, it’s a compulsion. Mobile users are increasing daily, and they don’t have a desktop to access the content because they are always in a hurry.

That’s why responsive and mobile-friendly landing pages are so essential in a reality where mobile users are more than desktop users, and it generates high traffic.

6) Insert Social Profile

Social media is an ice breaker and an essential part of this decade. We can not ignore the value of it. In the present scenario, everyone is busy and using social media because it made our life easy to reach everywhere. Social media is a significant advantage in any way like to maintain or promote a business or a company, make people aware of products available in the market. For brands, social media is a way to connect with their target audience without the need to go to them in person. And network referrals make it easier to sell.

7) Upload A Sales Pitch Video

Not everyone will like to read the content on your landing page; that’s why video content is rising in popularity. This doesn’t mean that your landing page should be free of text, though.

Audiences are visuals, and we like to watch rather than read. Instead of speeches and content, try to put images and videos. Upload a video on your landing page increases traffic and visibility. Movement and noise of a video clip make us engaged and interested in the content. Provide useful information, keep the video short and relevant, and keep the message positive. Demographics work well, illustrate your points, and make the page more visually attractive.

Final Call

The design should look professional. If it sounds cheesy or cheap, it won’t look professional, and trust is lost. For that, you can hire and consult professional designer, or sign up for one of the sites that give you responsive pre-designed templates.

Also, you can offer something pretty attractive as a reward for signing up or for subscription, or else they click away to another link with disappointment. So provide something sweet for free, or a significant discount on something you’re selling.

While many aspects play a role in making your landing page useful and better, but the above tips will help you in terms of converting your leads.

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