Useful WordPress Tips and Tricks : Part One

WordPress truly has a great potential for creating some fantastic websites and blogs and with some cool tips and tricks you can enhance your website or blog without having to learn WordPress coding from scratch.

In this new series, we will be featuring 10 tips and tricks in every article. So, lets start this article with some cool tricks that you can apply to your WordPress powered website or blog.

Get Rid of /wordpress/ from your Site URL

Remove Folder

You can remove the extra /wordpress/ directory from your site URL, if you have accidentally installed WordPress in this pre-selected directory, with the help of this cool trick.

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Recovering WordPress Admin Password


Lost your WordPress admin are password? No need to worry, you can reset your password easily.

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High Quality JPG Images

JPG Images

By default, WordPress displays JPG images in 90% quality, however you can set it to 100% with this trick.

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Share Buttons on YouTube Videos


Add some share buttons as overlay on YouTube videos on your blog posts with the help of this trick.

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Display Recently Registered Users

Registered Users

Display the recently registered users on a multi-user WordPress site using this trick.

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Setting up Sessions in WordPress


Set up sessions in WordPress and store some information to be displayed on multiple pages based on the visitor.

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Fix Image Upload Issue

Image Upload

If you are unable to upload images on your server through server then this trick might prove to be helpful.

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Highlight Authors Comments


With this trick you can easily highly the post author comments in WordPress.

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Twitter-Like Time Display

Twitter Time

Add a Twitter-like time display for your posts or comments for displaying time as “5 minutes ago”, etc.

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Custom Profile Fields

Profile Fields

Add some custom profile fields to your WordPress admin area with this trick.

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We hope you found some of these tips useful for you. If you’re looking for a handy reference of literally 100+ WordPress tips and tricks, check out this list on, plenty of good stuff that many bloggers will need at some point in their usage of WordPress.

Well this brings us to the end of this list. We will bring some more tips and tricks in our next article, stay tuned.

Rahul Chowdhury
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