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When you do things right, you will stand out.

WordPress for Joomla! is out! We have added some great new features. Most of the features were requested by you! Before I start listing them out, I’d like to say that everyone is very happy with this extension! Some problems have arisen, but overall everyone seems extremely happy. I hope that this post reaches the people who have given us one star on JCE…Please tell me what part of this extension deserves a one star rating!
Back to the good stuff:

New Features

  • “Integration” to Joomla articles
  • Added breadcrumb information
  • Migration from myBlog now available (imports posts, categories, tags, comments)
  • Clear sh404sef cache for the blog only 🙂

Bug Fixes

  • Edited plugin link, now links correctly
  • Ajax post URL
  • Links from plugins that add links to the admin menu are now fixed
  • Fixed blog titles not showing correctly when using All in One SEO Pack
  • Fixed some paths when running on a Windows server
  • Fixed path to smiles
  • Fixed front end users not able to access WP-Admin component
  • Smaller text-area box by default 60 columns
  • Double encoding of some characters – Fix coming soon!

To come

  • More Plugins
  • Sync users button – will allow syncing of non existing users and updating of current user information.
  • Better installation script
  • Support for more SEF extensions
  • JomSocial plugins
  • A WordPress for Joomla! Template How-To Guide

That’s all, folks. Hope you like this update!
If you have made customizations to the WordPress template, the only file updated in this release is the header.php file


WordPress MU, here we come!

The Core Team
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9 thoughts on “WordPress for Joomla!

  1. Steve T.

    Wow. You are a golden god.

    You better be ready for the flood of traffic when the whole world finds out what you’ve done here. Might I suggest a hybrid dedicated server from wiredtree dot com?

  2. parrott84

    I for one am very excited about the JomSocial plug in’s. I just installed JomSocial last night and am very much impressed, much more so than I thought I would be (much like your wordpress integrations) so having this intigrated would be amazing!!!

    1. Steven Pignataro

      We are excited with the many things that we are doing with WordPress – keep your eyes peeled as we are rapidly developing.

      –Steven Pignataro
      CEO ‘corePHP’

  3. Alberto

    i´m really interested in this component and wow, i think that this is one of the last BIG features for joomla!

    how is it, if a new version of wordpress is released, can i update my wordpress version without updating the corephp-wordpress extension?
    i don´t mean an update to a larger version like wordpress 3.0.
    i mean wordpress 2.7.2 or something like that.

    if i have a community extension or some members with the status “registered”…
    can they blog, too?
    without seeing others blog entries?

    do i need some other seoextensions like sh404sef for sef-urls? or is it okay, if i have a .htaccess, mod_rewrite?

    all the best!

    1. Steven Pignataro


      Thanks for your interest in WordPress Intergration for Joomla! 1.5 – we are excited about it just as you are.

      To answer your question – if wordpress comes out with a updated version – the answer is now. This is because WordPress is highly customized and optimized to be a component inside of Joomla! – pretty much ever file in wordpress has been modified to be fully functional. We update every time WordPress updates. Plus we are continuously adding new features to the WordPress package that you do not even see part of WordPress or any other blogging software on the market for Joomla!. So the packages are always updated and look out for new features coming down the pipe.

      It sounds like for the last question you are asking more about MU WordPress – we are in the process of developing this and it will be out within a month or two.

      We suggest using sh404SEF but you can use the standard Joomla! SEF plugin.

      Kindest regards,

      –Steven Pignataro
      CEO ‘corePHP’

    1. Steven Pignataro


      Sure – but we really appreciate the link back 😉
      Just like we have one back to WP – if it weren’t for them this would not be available.

      Kindest regards,

      –Steven Pignataro
      CEO ‘ corePHP’

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