WordPress for Joomla! 2.8.5 RC 1

By releasing RC1, we hope to avoid a follow up release ( All code from WordPress 2.8.5 has been migrated to our codebase. We feel that this release is ready and complete. Help us out – Download it and test it.

Features to test

  • Joomla! content plugins can now be used on WordPress posts, this is a setting you have to enable
  • For pinging update services such as Technorati, setting up a cron job on your server to make this work
  • WP-Cron, WordPress cron job: Set up your server to use the cron job
  • Google Gears
  • XML-RPC: If you have an iPhone, set it up with your blog
  • Links to posts and other front-end links when using the WP Admin component in the front-end
  • If a front-end URL has no Itemid and there is a menu item for the blog, it should redirect.(Find this setting under General Settings.)
  • Most of the template strings are now on a Joomla! language file for easier translation
  • Custom header on blog now works
  • Since the template is now translated, we also have new versions of the modules that include the template translations automatically

I have created a new “Release Candidates” under the WordPress download folder, here you will find all of the new files.

Please help us make the final release the best it can be.

The Core Team
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3 thoughts on “WordPress for Joomla! 2.8.5 RC 1

  1. Tigratrus

    Awesome… We’re swamped with getting the next generation of our Directory system up and running, but really looking forward to the ability to call in J! content plugins in WP. That’ll open a *lot* of doors for using Fabrik to pull in data from other parts of the site :).

    1. Steven PignataroSteven Pignataro


      We are working on WordPress MU – we can not confirm a release date at this moment. Please follow our blog / twitter / facebook for these updates.

      Kindest regards,

      –Steven Pignataro

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