WordPress for Joomla! 2.8.6

I’m very excited about this feature-packed release! This release is a big one and will require some installing/uninstalling depending on the amount of modules that you have on your site. To update,  simply uninstall the component and install the new version. Please read the ‘Before you upgrade” section below to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Here is the release information from WordPress.org.

Features we added –

  • If a front-end URL has no ItemID and there is a menu item for the blog, it will automatically search for the ItemID and redirect. No more lost modules!
  • Most of the template strings are now on a Joomla! language file. Now you can rely on more accurate and complete translations than ever before! The rest of the strings are translated through a .mo file.
  • Now you can use Joomla! Content Plugins on WordPress posts.
  • Latest posts module can now display as many images as you want. They can be re-sized and you can also filter posts by categories.
  • NEW: Sitemap plugin for Xmap.

Bugs we fixed –

  • When a URL has multiple occurrences of the first segment of a URL, it no longer replaces that string throughout the URL multiple times, as it should only replace it once.
  • A Valid URL has been built for xmlrpc URL.
  • You can now display RSS feeds on a per category basis.
  • If Post slug box is selected, it now displays persistently when editing a post.
  • Links from wpadmin component that were not linking correctly to posts have been fixed. This happened because $component_name was being replaced with com_wpmu.
  • Routing of URLs is now more reliable.
  • The link for the comment posting URL is now SEFed.
  • The Pinging update services are fixed. Just set up the cron job. There is more info on the Writing Settings page.
  • Added a check to make sure stripslashes_deep doesn’t exist. This conflicts with JCal Pro.
  • The custom header color now works.

Before upgrading make sure you do the following:

  1. Back up your database tables. This release includes a database upgrade for those of you that are on
  2. Take note of the configuration of your modules. You will have to install the new versions.
  3. If you have made changes to your template, make sure you do a backup of those files too. These are normally located under /images/wordpress/themes/default/
  4. If you haven’t made any changes to your template files, simply delete this folder: /images/wordpress/themes/ … Once the reinstall goes through it will add those new files to the right location as long as it is writable.

Since the template is now being translated, we had to edit all of the modules so that they pull in the translated file in case they are being loaded on a page that is not the WordPress component, this is why it is important to update those too.

That will do it, happy blogging!

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11 thoughts on “WordPress for Joomla! 2.8.6

    1. Rafael Corral

      We are working on it now, it is hard to say how long it will take as problems can arise. We hope to have a RC candidate by the end of this year.

  1. GDMR

    I’m thinking of buying WordPress MU but not sure if i should wait for the new version or not. If its a major upgrade then i suppose its worth waiting and installing the latest version rather then going through the process twice.

    Please can you indicate if the new version will be a major upgrade and do you recommend waiting?

    Many Thanks

    1. Rafael Corral


      The update is from version 2.7.1 to 2.8.6, this includes all of the features that WordPress has added, we may not add many new features of our own, but it will come with many bug fixes.

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  3. tom

    This is a pre-sales question:
    There’s a new real estate IDX plug in to be released soon by Diverse Solutions (an idx system provider) which will allow for real estate mls listings to be embeded into wordpress blog posts (this is huge in my little niche!).

    I’m planning on using this plug in with some existing joomla clients by installing wordpress on a subdomain and creating a theme to match the existing website, then just link back and fourth via external links, etc.

    Then I thought of this component!

    If after this plugin was “modified” to work with wordpress for joomla, I would still have to create a new theme to match the existing website right?

    I guess I’m not clear as to the advantages of using your com in this scenario.

    Please advise.


    1. Rafael Corral


      Our WordPress for Joomla! solution does have a theme, but it is stripped down to take in the styles of your Joomla template, if you wish you can customize this wordpress theme, but not necessary.
      To read more about our solution see this link:

      – Rafael

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