WordPress for Joomla Post-Install

This video is intended to answer some of the basic questions people have about WordPress for Joomla! If it’s a bit rough, it’s because I made it last night! I’ll try to fix it up when I get the time. Information in the video includes:

  • Setting up Menu Item
  • Installing sidebar modules
  • Installing other modules
  • Installing Plugins
  • Installing front-end Admin Component
  • Setting up SEF with Joomla! and sh404sef

This video will make set-up easier. It’s a must-watch for anyone using the extension!


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6 thoughts on “WordPress for Joomla Post-Install

  1. yellowhousedesign

    Great video Rafael, really looking forward to a quick tutorial on getting Post Via Email working with this. Thanks again!

  2. Ike

    I am currently testing another popular joomla blog system. But it’s just not what I wanted. The idea of a wordpress integration is very interesting and I will be trying it out this weekend.

  3. bluesound

    Where can I find which WP plugins are compatible with CorePHP’s Joomla integration and the plugins mentioned on this tutorial? Just subscribed – great product!

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