WordPress hosting for your business website

WordPress is one of the best choices if you’re about to establish a website for your small business/blog, etc. It’s very customizable, easy to use, gives you a space to unleash your creativity, and hosting is usually very affordable. One of the first questions for everyone who’s about to establish a WordPress website is: which web hosting is the best? What should I choose? How to decide? Question mark becomes even bigger if you’re newbie without any technical experience – it’s on you to choose, but you don’t have any idea where to start. And it can be tough.

Picking the best web hosting provider is a crucial part of establishing a WordPress website. The future of your website and your online business depend on your choice, so carefully think about what is most important for you and on that conclusion start searching for a reliable host.

Here are some useful steps that will help you smartly find the best WordPress hosting provider.

Think of your requirements first

As we said earlier, you must consider all about your WordPress website, and recognize its needs. Do you need a small website for a blog or for your hobby, or you want a bigger web location for a business, with online shop and high traffic expectations?

There are various types of WordPress hosting options, such as shared WordPress hosting, VPS WordPress hosting, managed hosting, Cloud hosting, etc. All of these web hosting types are made for different types of websites, different people and they have a different price.

For example, if you’re about to establish a small website with less traffic, shared hosting is the perfect and most affordable option. If you expect that your business will need an expanded website, more traffic or online shop, a dedicated server is one you should think about. For those who already have a technical experience, a virtual private server is their cup of tea. The crucial thing is a good strategy before taking any steps.

You are in real need for speed

Regardless of the type of WordPress hosting you’ve chosen, server speed is crucial if you want customers to be satisfied and happy. And they can’t be happy if they must wait for a web page to load more than 2 seconds – they will go to another website with faster loading speed (probably your competition) and you don’t want that. Speed and performance of your WordPress website are connected to the type of hosting.

The first step of research web hosting providers is to read reviews and inform yourself from colleagues and someone with more experience. When we talk about reliability, Hostinger is one of the highly recommended web hosting companies, with the best speed and performance ratings for all kinds of websites. If you choose a proper web hosting provider, you shouldn’t be having any problems. In case of any irregularity, your web host will be there to help you and find a quick and solid solution for everyone. Also, if you at the very beginning, choose a good, reliable provider for your WordPress website, because there will be no need to change it later: searching for replacement is a whole new circle of stress.

Pro tip: compress images on your website. Today everyone wants a high-resolution image and that is a big challenge for page speed. PNG format is highly recommended for WordPress websites because the good resolution will be there and images will be smaller in size.

Security is very important

Security and reliability are crucial parts of choosing a good WordPress web host. A part of the thinking of the security is unjustly neglected especially because everybody usually first looks for the price, for the performances, and then security is often in the last place – sometimes it’s not even there.

Speaking of security, there are some important requirements that your web host must fulfill to deserve your trust. First of all, check the server reliability of your potential web host – unstable network connections and weak servers means that your site will be offline often, and you don’t want that. Choose a web host with guaranteed uptime above 99.5%. In case of any problem, a proper web host should have a 24/7 support: on the telephone, online, and email. In all fronts. There is no right time for the problem to happen, and if it happens, make sure you’ll get help as fast as possible.

If all this isn’t enough for you to carefully think of security, just try to imagine the worst scenario: your WordPress website is down and all your data is lost. Who you gonna call? What will you do? To prevent that, you should find a web host with the best protection and backup features, because it will prevent any cyberattack to harm your website content – in case of any incident you had all saved in one place. A good, reliable web host must offer regular web data backup that prevents server or local hard disk failures.

One more thing: WordPress have many features, but it can do nothing if devices you used to manage website are compromised. Monitoring and updating all devices used for access for your WordPress website is highly recommended. Use firewalls and malware scans on a daily basis to keep your web location secure and to save yourself from unnecessary stress.

Final words

The right choice of a WordPress web host provider depends entirely on your needs and your requirements. Try to find the most reliable web host according to your technical requirements, features that you need and a budget. It’s possible to find everything in one place, so carefully think about everything, read the reviews and be patient: pursuit for a good web host is not a one-day journey it’s a search for reliable long term cooperation and requires time, nerves and a good calculation.


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