WordPress MU for Joomla Beta

It’s almost ready for the public! WordPress MU is a popular muti-user blogging framework, which allows every user in one site to “own” their own blog. We at ‘corePHP’ have developed this framework to work within Joomla!. This allows you to host unlimited blogs in your Joomla! site! You will now have a content management system alongside of the most power blogging system.

We have been developing WordPress MU for Joomla! for the past month, and we finally feel that its 99.5% bug free. This is a highly anticipated product, and I am extremely excited to tell you that the final release should be ready in just about a week! Try it, use it, test it, break it! We want to make this release as bug free as possible to avoid some of the problems that we first ran into during the first few weeks after WordPress for Joomla! was released.

Now to the features:

  • All blogs display within Joomla!, meaning loads of content building on your site. Google will love this.
  • We provide 4 sidebar modules. Each blog administrator can pick which widgets to show in each sidebar (depending on how many you have installed).
  • My favorite: Every blog can have its own Permalink structure!
    Blog 1 can have urls like this:
    Blog 3 can have urls like this:
    Blog 4 can have urls like this:
    Great huh?
  • An administrator can administer every blog individually.
  • There are 3 templates available for the main blog (blogid 1) –
    • Display latest posts site-wide. It’s great for a general overview of all the posts on the site.
    • Display latest news (latest posts from blogs), and a list of the latest updated blogs.
    • Display latest posts (The default template used for all blogs).

This is as awesome tool to have for your site. We’ve already had a few success stories from people who have boosted their Google ranking since they started using WordPress for Joomla!.

Currently we have a demo site in which anyone can register and create their own blog:
For those who want to go out on their own and use all of the administrator functionality, there is a download available in our download section (for registered users). Read the README file inside the zip file.

Contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and bug finds.

Thank you!

The Core Team
Editorial Staff Members at 'corePHP'
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18 thoughts on “WordPress MU for Joomla Beta

  1. lynnallan

    JInstaller::install: File ‘~/public_html/tmp/install_49bf3a8220559/admin/wpmu.php’ does not exist.

    1. Rafael Corral


      Thanks for pointing this out, it’s fixed now. I made a last minute fix to the package and didn’t test it.

      Please try it now.

  2. colorado2rein

    This is a total noob question, but do I uninstall all the previous WordPress component/modules I got from you before I install the MU version?

    Also, your README file in the component is kind of ambiguous and hard to understand. It doesn’t refer to the file to move by name… might be more helpful to show it in a directory kind of way, ie. move: folder1 > subfolder1> file1 to folder2 > subfolder2> file 1.


    1. Rafael Corral

      Don’t uninstall the other modules, unless you don’t plan on using the single version of wordpress. The new modules are meant to be used for WordPress mu for Joomla only. Remember that this version is still in beta and it is not meant for use on a production site.

      There will be more documentation.
      For now what that basically means is:
      Move the file located here:

      Same thing for the file under the site folder but that goes under /joomlaroot/

  3. colorado2rein

    Excellent, speedy attention as always!

    The site won’t be production until March 31st, so hopefully all the kinks will be worked out by then. I’ll look for help with templates creation in there too.

    Thanks again!

  4. yellowhousedesign

    Great release! I’ve found a few bugs (please see my support ticket) but so far so good! Thank you for working as hard as you guys did to get this pushed out.

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  6. desis

    I love joomla and currently I am developing a site with wordpress MU … So this is definitely a nice offer for my…But I query is IS JOOMLA WP MU able to make separate subdomain for each blog like standalone WP MU

    1. Rafael Corral

      It does not allow for subdomains, instead all blogs are within one site – this solutions allows for building a community site rather than giving people who are looking to have their own blog but don’t want to host it themselves.

      Please look at our demo.

  7. George Sprouse

    I do not want users to be able to add blogs but only me to create different blogs. Can that feature be turned off in this plugin?

  8. George Sprouse

    how about with your other wordpress plugin will i be able to add that plugin serveral times to create 3 seperate blogs? Sorry for the questions but i am really looking for a blog adddition to joomla

    1. Rafael Corral

      You can’t with the standalone version. To accomplish what you want, the WP mu version that we have will allow to enable or disable new blog registrations. So what you can do is enable blog registrations and create all of the blogs that you need – then disable it. You will have to login as each individual user to do this.

  9. desis

    Is there any way I can use for Subdomain…or Do you have plan to do it features…I understand your concern to make community but at the same time I like to offer my users to make blog in subdomain…Does it possible ..if it possbile can you please mention…I have wild dns in server for wordpress MU…So any suggestion how I can use this feature for joomla

    1. Rafael Corral


      This is not in the roadmap. What would be the use of even having this integrated this into Joomla? Why not just use the standalone WordPress mu?

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