WordPress MU – JomSocial Plugin

Today I am pleased to announce the first release of the JomSocial Plugin for WordPress MU! This plugin fully integrates with the JomSocial platform and allows you to show the latest postings for any user you choose. Enjoy, and let us know what else you would like to see!

Plugin available in the Subscription area for WordPress MU.

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’

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20 thoughts on “WordPress MU – JomSocial Plugin

  1. Wicksie

    Just as soon as JomSocial support finalise my install problems this is on my list to download, thank you guys


  2. ron

    How to configure it on Joomla? I unizipped the file and uploaded the folder in media/wpmu/plugins but it doesn’t works?

    1. Rafael Corral

      You just install it through Joomla’s installer and then users will be able to add it as an application.

  3. gia

    Hello, great ide but us we use People touc,Jfusion is going to do an integration with people touch, jomsocial and cb (for the futur release compatible WordPress Mu) why not you ?

    1. Rafael Corral

      Yes they will come in the feature. Looks like JFusion isn’t that close to wpmu as some may think, their integration would be so much better if it worked 100% and on PHP4.

  4. unknown

    I plan to buy this, what about integration with AlphaUserPoints ? Users will get points for every blog post, it’s a popular application and I’m sure it’s not a big problem for you to make a few rules for AlphaUserPoints.

    1. Rafael Corral

      All integrations are possible, but we can only do so many at a time plus the service based work that we do at corePHP. I will put this on our to-do list.

  5. guiguisan

    I agree with Gia, People touch is more and more use by compagnies.

    I asked to Jfusion when will the integration with WordPress release and they think about september or october (too long time) 🙁


    1. Rafael Corral

      @guiguisan – that is if they even get it to work. Also remember that JFusion’s integration method is totally different than how we did the integration, theirs is more of a bridge, our extension is a full integration that always works. Unfortunately JFusion only works on PHP5 among other things I dislike.

  6. Jeremy

    Do the comments tie into Jomsocial as well? Do comments get added to the recent activities list?

  7. spinel

    good idea of Gia, ours compagnies use People Touch and an integration from Corephp WordPress Mu will be great.
    Davros from HWD MEDIA SHARE has already gone an integration with People Touch (thank you Davros ;))


  8. Binary

    So will the usernames in the blog linked to the users jomsocial profil?

    Or is it jut (let me call it) one way: Jomsocial -> WordPress
    but NOT WordPress -> Jomsocialaccount ?

    Thanks and beste regards.

  9. Binary

    oh, ive just seen now, that we are talking about WordPress MU.
    I would like to integrate the single user solution so the users should all have the possibility to write but in one Blog only.

    Would the plugin still work than?

    Thanks and beste regards.

  10. guguwa

    Hi, I checked your demo site. It looks like the blog does not have its own theme/template any more. I want to the users still can have their own template, a link like myblog in JomSocial will be fine, well if the comments could show up will be great, but it looks like not working like that way. Any comments?

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