WordPress MU latest posts module

I just finished the WordPress MU for Joomla! latest posts module. This module pulls the latest posts site-wide. It has many configuration options so it’s pretty flexible.

It is available to download from our downloads section.

Here is a screen shot of the module parameters available:

Module Parameters


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4 thoughts on “WordPress MU latest posts module

  1. Ingemar


    Can this module be used to display a feed from a stand alone WP site?My customer has both a Joomla site and a separate WP site and I am looking for a way to display the lets say 5 latest blog posts on the joomla site in a left module pos.

    Best regards Ingemar

    1. Rafael Corral

      There are so many ways you can accomplish this. One is by modifying the module that I mention on this post.
      Another is by just pulling the posts through a module that pulls RSS feeds.
      Those are the easiest.

      Why not just integrate everything into one site? Its best for SEO.

  2. duchovny

    Hi there —

    Is there anyway to limit the module to displaying latest posts from one blog only?

    Also, is there any plans to include image functionality? JoomlaArt’s Jabulletin module would be a great application to model this off ..


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