WordPress Updates Feb 09

It’s been another good day for new WordPress for Joomla! plugins.
The following plugins have been released:
-Wikipedia Autolink

I have also added the development version of WordPress for download. You must have the development version to use the Subscribe2 plugin. There is really nothing developmental about it, but it has some bug fixes that might be useful. Don’t worry, there’s nothing that could break your site.

Other news, I have updated the release log page! From now on I’ll be keeping this updated.

More plugins to come.


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7 thoughts on “WordPress Updates Feb 09

    1. Steven PignataroSteven Pignataro

      WordPress mu for Joomla is currently under Development, should be released in about a month to two. Please keep following our blog and you will get updates on when this is released.

  1. yellowhousedesign

    The team at corePHP has some of the best support out there. We have now made their WordPress for Joomla! component a staple for every site we make from now on. With their future release of WordPress MU, this will only make it more powerful and useful around the web. I highly encourage any first-time visitors to the site to give them a shot!

  2. Tatva168


    i have installed a wordpress component for my running joomla site.

    when run my wordpress blog with item id in joomla site at i am getting a header and footer of joomla template, i want different a header and footer for wordpress blog

    i have copied my theme in images/wordpress/theme directory

    so what will be a reason?

    Thanks For in advance for Help

    1. Rafael Corral


      This is unsupported by our team, but the way to do it is by putting a die(); at the end of the wordpress.php file on the wordpress component folder, this should do the trick, you may still need to make some changes to your WordPress template, as the paths are not the same from WordPress and Joomla.


    1. Michael Pignataro

      Yes, WordPress for Joomla is a complete integration of WordPress in Joomla. For more information please contact our support for more detailed questions.

      Michael Pignataro

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