WordPress Updates Feb 20

In LevelWordPress for Joomla! is reaching new levels of development! As of now, it has become a solid and powerful extension with quick releases that come packed with new features and bug fixes. I want to everyone who supported us on this project! Thank you for all your great ideas and feature requests that have made this extension a success!

-“Its amazing how powerful my Joomla! site has become using this component.

I cannot stress enough what an excellent piece of software WordPress is. Although it lacks the ability to expand to an actual website, it’s great to be able to blog ideas and thoughts while still being able to have a store, static articles, a directory and a social network, all in one site!

I am extremely proud of how much attention this component received considering the amount of marketing we did. I really hope to see more WP users that want to expand their website.

And now on to the good stuff:

New Plugins:

  • Sermon Browser
  • ShareThis (thanks to Craig)
  • WordPress.com stats

Features to be in :

  • Integration to Joomla! articles
  • Adding support for breadcrumbs
  • Import from myBlog

We are actively developing more features and bug fixes, and we’re working hard on the features you’ve requested! We always welcome new ideas.
Development for WordPress MU will begin next week. This will be another monster to tackle, but for now I’m back to making plugins work properly in Joomla!.

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Updates Feb 20

  1. stefanofrancoli@gmail.com

    By the way, are you developing the project towards a complete integration of wp plugins? I mean without the need of adapting them to wp for joomla. Thanks, Stefano

    1. Steven PignataroSteven Pignataro


      This would be great – but a lot of them rely on how wordpress is setup right out of the box – which in this case WordPress is not setup right out of the box but has a great deal of modifications. Some plugins work with no problem – some require additional work to get them to work – and we are working on putting together a repository of those plugins – and we look forward to others who submit plugins to us for the site.

      Kindest regards,

      –Steven Pignataro

    1. Rafael Corral

      What exactly do you mean? WordPress plugs into the Joomla user table, which community builder does too. If a user logs in through community builder, WordPress will automatically know that that user is logged in and will recognize it.

  2. alapbangla

    Great! Thanks I got my answer. I was talking about using Community Builder log in module and it works with CorePHP. Thanks

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