WordPress Video Embedding Plugin

Today a client and I were working together to get his website done. As some of you know, WordPress MU for Joomla! doesn’t allow the <embed> HTML tag, which means that the users can’t embed videos. Fortunately, the client found a WordPress Video Plugin. After testing it I realized that it works without any modifications, so I added it to the list of plugins for WordPress for Joomla! and WordPress MU for Joomla!

Hope this solution works for you.


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3 thoughts on “WordPress Video Embedding Plugin

  1. Lammy

    guys im inspired just lend into joomla web development but i cant get the most out of joomla coz im a designer not a php or java person all i want to know from you is that how do i get the best out of joomla i run a multimedia company called unitydesign.co.za please can you nurture my skills to plug into serious application because currently in South Africa theres no serious action in terms of forums or support pretty much developers here are into commercial cms and for me i have identified the gap i just need some guidance

    1. Rafael Corral


      It is great to know that you are this interested in Joomla! it is a great CMS.
      What questions do you have about it?

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