WordPress vulnerabilities 09-07

This past week we have received many questions regarding the following article: http://mashable.com/2009/09/05/wordpress-please-upgrade/. It states that there is a bug going around that can affect older versions of WordPress. (The two newest releases are immune to the bug, but older versions are affected.) A lot of our users have asked if sites running WordPress for Joomla! are vulnerable and how to go about upgrading ‘corePHP’s version of WordPress to the newest release.

After a full review of the current vulnerabilities that affect WordPress, we have concluded that ‘corePHP’s distribution of WordPress is not affected because the data is handled through Joomla!.

We are currently developing the integration for version 2.8.4.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’

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2 thoughts on “WordPress vulnerabilities 09-07

  1. Tigratrus

    Just about to (finally!) update from WP + J! to, should we hold off and wait for the 2.8.4 version? It’s kind of a pain logistically to do the upgrade, so if 2.8.4 is coming soon… Thx!

    James and Susan

  2. Tigratrus

    nvm… We dropped below 400 concurrent so I went ahead and updated. Now wer just have to wait and see if the cron job I setup to publish scheduled blog posts works or not ;).

    James and Susan

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