Xyle Scope – Does it get any better?

I recently started using Xyle Scope by Cultured Code and I now wonder how I ever managed without it. Unfortunately, it’s only for OSX at this time. For those sporting a mac, this is a must have.

Xyle Scope is a CSS viewer that will save HOURS on your work flow. It features a browser to view your web pages and a CSS viewer to read your code in-depth. What makes this better than anything else? Once you hit the selection mode button you can click anywhere on the web page and it will give you the complete tree and cascading order of everything attached to your selection. The part that is the answer to my prayers is when it shows you the exact selector you need to style the element you choose. The only downside (and it is minor) is that it won’t allow you to click on the selector and copy/paste. For those of you working with CSS designs, this viewer will literally save you hours of hunting for the right hooks to style your pages with. You can also change the CSS values to experiment with different looks within the program and you can export code that you find useful.

Xyle Scope has quickly become my 2nd most used piece of web development software, right behind Dreamweaver 8. Be good to yourself and buy it today!

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2 thoughts on “Xyle Scope – Does it get any better?

  1. Jonathan

    CSSEdit is the absolute best in my opinion. My CSS power trio is CSSEdit, Xylescope and FireBug. With those 3 I can do pretty much anything I could ever want. I wrote this before I found out about CSSEdit, but there still isn’t anything better than Xylescope for seeing how the CSS cascades throughout the page and what is inheriting.

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