YES! WordPress 2.7 for Joomla!

For all of you that have been patiently waiting, Thank You! We ran into many bumps through this release. We also wanted to add features that were not on the previous release, which pushed our release date two weeks back! Here is the final run down of features and bug fixes.


  • Integration for Joomla! categories
  • Full Permalink control. We recommend you use sh404sef if you have this component installed because we added extra features.
  • Importing and Exporting – all of these are fully functional. Note: the import from MyBlog is still in the works.
  • Multi-File Upload
  • Multiple widget sidebars are already coded into WordPress so that you don’t have to go in and do it yourself. We have also added 4 new sidebar modules so you can put your widgets anywhere on the site.

Bug Fixes

  • URLs not having an ItemID
  • Disappearing modules
  • Preview Post/Page
  • PHP 4.x problems – there is now one component for all the PHP versions
  • Better support for all of the query strings in WordPress
  • Google Gears fully functional
  • Press-this fully functional
  • RSS feeds not linking to the right place – fixed
  • More stable installation
  • XHTML/CSS Compliant 🙂

Things that don’t work

  • xml-rpc.php cannot be accessed if sh404sef is turned on. I am still trying to work on a solution. (NOTE: This only affects you if you are using an application that allows posting from somewhere outside of your website.)
  • Flash uploader doesn’t work when using the WP Admin component. It only works in the backend.
  • The automatic updater that is built into WordPress is not functional. We’re working on this, but as of right now we are relying on Joomla!’s installation.

We will be putting a pdf file together with extensive documentation explaining how to integrate Joomla! categories with WordPress. It will also show you how to allow multiple file uploads, but here’s a short version: Move the file in /joomlaroot/administrator/components/com_wordpress/wordpress.php to  /joomlaroot/administrator/

We’re working hard to complete the plugins that all of you have requested. Thank you for being patient!
We hope you like this new release, and we are always open to any kind of feedback.

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3 thoughts on “YES! WordPress 2.7 for Joomla!

  1. Steve T.

    This will cause a paradigm shift in the bloggging / CMS world.

    Congratulations on a job well done!

    1. Rafael Corral

      Exactly – its as simple as unisntall and then reinstall, if the theme folder already exists under /joomlaroot/images/wordpress/ – then the new theme folder won’t be moved to that location, so that it doesn’t overwrite any customization that you have possibly made, but then it gives you instructions of how to move that folder – which is highly recommended as there are some template changes.

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