Fav - Like and dislike extension for Joomla

A simple like/dislike plugin for Joomla!

With this Fav(orite) Joomla! plugin you can display Like and Dislike buttons on your website articles.

Fav supports K2, Zoo, JomSocial and Joomla articles, so you can show Like/Dislike buttons on the components you want. To see how easy it is, click on the tab "Supported components".

Fav is quick to customize! Just choose your icons and colors with a click, or take advantage of the included Font Awesome icon set. Find out more under the tab "Customization options".

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Basic Features

  • Consistent Like system across your whole site.
  • Support for K2, Zoo, and JomSocial.
  • JomSocial Activity Stream reporting.
  • Completely rewritten for Joomla 2.5 without using any deprecated functions.
  • Add ratings right below your likes/dislikes to get more. Highly customizable

Customization Features

  • 4 standard icons sets: hearts, thumbs, check, and plus.
  • Allow only Like, or both Like and Dislike.
  • Show / hide dislike count.
  • No need for photo editing software to get the images, colors, and sizes you want.
  • Icons are a vector-based font, so changing colors and size is easy via CSS.
  • Icons are automatically sized based on your template.
  • Changeable icons with Font Awesome.

Upcoming features

  • Reports
  • Customizable text
  • Choose any of the Font Awesome icons
  • Ratings

Customization Options

Choose your icons and colors

You can easily create your own custom look for the like and dislike buttons.

Via the configuration panel, just choose the icons and colors you like - click save and you're done. See for yourself in the Fav demo

Change the standard like and dislike icons

If hearts, thumbs, checks and plus icons are not what you're looking for, we've got something else for you.

Included in the Fav package, you'll find some amazing icons used by Font Awesome.

Let your creativity out and customize Fav to match your Joomla template!

Supported Components

Included plugins for your content

Do you want to display like/dislike buttons only on certain components? It's easy!

Fav comes with plugins for the following Joomla components:

You can easily enable/disable each plugin with a click via your Joomla admin.

Fav also supports JomSocial, which you can disable via template override.

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