paGO Commerce


paGO Commerce is the Future of Joomla! E-Commerce

paGO Commerce is Responsive

Your buyers are mobile. You better be mobile too. paGO lets you sell to them on any device, wherever they go. Hence our slogan:
Go anywhere, sell everywhere.

paGO Commerce is Futureproof

paGO is easy to deploy and adapt to fit your business and your customer profile. It's modular, with futureproof code so you can customize with no core hacks or work-arounds.

paGO Commerce is Free

Download it now and get selling! paGO Commerce is road tested, premium grade open source e-commerce software your business can rely on, from developers you can trust.


Receive your funds in the quickest turnaround time. Every transaction is processed directly into your associated bank account. Obtain cash consistently, ensuring company ledger remains positive.

Learn more about our QuickPay >

paGO Commerce for Marketers

Your buyers are mobile. You better be mobile too. paGO Commerce lets you sell to them on any device, wherever they go.

paGO Commerce for Integrators

paGO's core platform is rock-solid, PCI compliant, high performance software you can build a lucrative service offering around.

paGO Commerce for Developers

Fast to deploy and easy to extend, paGO plays well with others. Plus it's modular, so you can grow with no hacks or work-arounds.

Download paGO Today

Download paGO Commerce for free, or take it for a test drive with our demo.

paGO Commerce Features

  • Mobile First Design
  • Global Currency Converter
  • Limitless Attributes System
  • Single-Page Checkout
  • Drag-and-Drop Image Gallery
  • Simple Design Templates
  • Powerful Couponing System
  • Flexible Discounting Capabilities
  • Built-in Shipping & Tax Tables
  • Easy Import & Export Functions
  • Extensible Plug-in Architecture
  • Social Integration
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Modular, Futureproof Code
  • PCI Compliant & Accessible
  • Optimized For Speed
  • FREE & Open Source
  • 24 x 7 Support
paGO Commerce - Single-Page Checkout

Single-Page Checkout

  • Eliminate page loads which enables the buying to process faster.
  • Cut down on abandoned shopping carts, and get your sales into gear.
  • Allow customers to either create an account, or checkout as a guest.

Easy Migration from Other E-Commerce Carts

  • Migration from VirtueMart, HikaShop, redSHOP, MijoShop, just to name a few, is a breeze.
  • Automatically migrates your categories, items, users, and orders without needing any interaction on your part.
  • Setting up shop is simple and straight forward.


mobile phone to tablet to desktop

Mobile & More

Reach any device, from mobile phone to tablet to desktop, where your customers go!

gives an edge over global competitors

Global Reach

Global currency conversion, language and more give you the edge over global competitors.

Modular, plug-and-play. No more Core Hacks

Futureproof Code

Modular, plug-and-play. Say "good bye" to core hacks, we re-wrote e-commerce for Joomla!

FREE and Open Source, giving full flexability, without vendor lock-in

Free & Open Source

FREE and Open Source, you've got the flexibility you need to grow, without vendor lock-in.

Easy to learn intuitive interface, allowing you to focus on business, not software

Easy Does It

Just 10 minutes to learn, you'll love our intuitive interface. Keep your focus on business, not software.

paGO is built to be PCI compliant, Secure, and Scalable

Enterprise Ready

Scalable, secure & PCI compliant, paGO is built for enterprise and backed by live support.

paGO Commerce is favored by global enterprise, and is a brand to trust with your data

Safe & Secure

PCI compliant and favored by global enterprise, paGO Commerce is the brand to trust with your data.

Day and night support, making it easy and fast to get the support you need

24x7 Support

We've got resources available day and night to support your successful e-commerce site!

Technical Requirements

  • Joomla 2.5
  • |
  • Joomla 3.x
  • |
  • PHP 5.4+
  • |
  • MySQL 5.1


We pride ourselves on making paGO Commerce as adaptable as humanly possible. In order to achieve this, we utilize and recommend the use of BrowserStack to test our software on as many platforms as possible.

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