paGO QuickPay

Have you been struggling to gain your store’s funds in a timely manner and must wait for processing? Receive your revenue in a timely manner with the new QuickPay*, exclusively on paGO Commerce 2.0. While some carts take up to a week to process, the QuickPay turns your funds around in a timely manner and directly into your store’s bank account. You no longer need to incorporate another module to transfer your funds. Everything is done automatically with QuickPay. You don’t even have to fret it. The cash flows automatically, even when you’re gone. With QuickPay, there are no hidden or monthly fees associated with the service.

* The merchant is charged 3.45% + 35¢ for every successful transaction passed through paGO’s QuickPay.

Third Party Gateways

third party gateways

Do you live in a country with paGO QuickPay restrictions? You can still receive your funds through paGO Commerce via conventional Third Party Gateways**. Process your transactions through built-in APIs from PayPal, 2Checkout, PayFast and Authorize.Net. You no longer have to worry about maintaining the most up-to-date gateway with paGO, as the vendor’s API is automatically updated. paGO Commerce manages all end points between the store and the vendor. Feel at ease as the service is continually managed, allowing payments to successfully process automatically. This allows your store to continually accept money, even if the gateway shuts down their API.

** The conventional gateway option will result in a monthly $9.99 fee, and you are subject to the processor’s fees, terms and conditions of use.