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Providing Custom Web Design and Custom Web Programming Services Since 2001

We select the right tools for the job, be it a custom-built proprietary PHP website, or a project powered by an open-source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. 'corePHP' is the go to custom web design company, for organizations of all kinds, worldwide.

Here at 'corePHP' we’re team players. We work hand in hand with businesses, non-profits, government and educational institutions, as well as digital agencies and development firms to augment their work on specialized projects. We love developing for start-ups that are ready to get up and going fast, incorporating the latest technology to drive traffic, capture new visitors, and convert them to long-term customers with our custom web development.


‘corePHP’ has multiple award-winning web development projects which were designed to specially address the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on achieving your business goals and solving your challenges. We are considered by many as a passionate, dedicated and driven organization. Your success is our success. ‘corePHP’ incorporates the latest technology innovations in practice to ensure a highly regarded custom website is developed each and every time. Not only do our custom web programming services address the needs of the front-end user, but they also create an environment fostering easy back-end updates for administrators, saving on operational costs in the future.

Your company can’t afford to waste precious money during critical moments when updating your website. Make sure you leave this task up to the professionals at ‘corePHP’. Not only are you investing money, but also your time when deciding on a custom website redesign. No two websites are created equal, so make sure the desired site form & functionality is included in your project. With thousands of web development projects under our belts, we are highly regarded for our design experience and expertise. We can walk you through the critical components of any website design.

We've been building and hosting websites since dial up connections were the norm. All our clients have access to and collaborate with our talented team of digital strategists, graphic artists, developers, marketers, project managers and business development associates during the custom web design. This process allows us to build our clients web vision and produce the online results they’ve been dreaming about. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for year!

Front-End Wizardry of JavaScript, CSS and More

We will custom build your site to fit your exact specifications, using the latest techniques in JavaScript and CSS to deliver fast-performance and maximum response. Our rapid application development practices bring projects to fruition faster, smarter and with more flexibility. Our goal is to ensure our web development work meets the client goals the first time, avoiding costly changes later.

Your website visitors expect an easy to navigate, quickly loading, and engaging website. ‘corePHP’s website designs draw the attention of your targeted audience, ensuring a positive digital experience for your users, bringing them back time and again. Your custom website can even be tailored to enable your marketing and sales team with additional tools to chase revenue, through personalized and targeted campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about our Web Security products and services, contact us today. We would be happy to evaluate and offer solutions for all your internet security needs and give your business the support that it deserves.

Contact our API Development Team Today

If you would like to learn more about our web development services, contact us today. We would be happy to evaluate and offer solutions for all your development needs and provide you and your business with the high quality, game changing technology it needs.

Call us today at (269)-979-5582 ext 2 or email us at support@corephp.com.

We offer a no pressure consultation to look at your current custom Web development needs.

Our expert team at 'corePHP' provides full-cycle development services, designed to help you grow your business, increase your ROI, and beat out the competition. Whether it’s custom software engineering, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting, or software support — 'corePHP' has you covered.

'corePHP' Expert Services


Salesforce Development Services

Create a Customized Salesforce Environment to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

The ‘corePHP’ Salesforce Development Team is dedicated to creating a Salesforce platform tailored to fit the unique and customized business needs of our clients. Our work helps companies achieve the most out of their Salesforce platform, by making it work the way they want!

We develop custom Salesforce solutions that boost productivity and effectiveness of CRM services. From AI, App-Building, Analytics, or a third-party app, we have you covered.


API Development

Our 'corePHP' team is one of the most talented API development groups in the industry, with experience in handling all types of API development requirements. We cover everything, just name your need and our team will take care of the rest.

Some of our API development solutions include – Web API, Twitter API, PayPal integration, Oracle based APIs, APIs for shipping and logistics needs, Google apps-based APIs, even online checkout API integrations & more! We guarantee you highly robust APIs development services with exceptional service & support.


Professional Web Accessibility Consultation and Development

Our 'corePHP' professional web accessibility team is designed to provide companies with tools and designs to assist in risk management! That’s right, your website has more exposure to liability than ever before.

People with a variety of different disabilities have recently been suing companies for not providing a website that’s accessible to them…. and they are winning the suits!

Our specialty web accessibility team is head and shoulders above the competition because we understand how to PROGRAM for accessibility, and specifically we understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance law. This knowledge allows us to identify and prepare for the potential vulnerabilities of websites and what could be a possible target for litigation.


Search Engine Optimization

Work with our professional optimization analysts & discover the power of SEO. 'corePHP' is an industry leader in Search Engine Optimization. We are able to produce extraordinary results through our proven process, which is rooted in actionable data, technical proficiency, and high-quality content.

Our digital marketing team utilizes cutting edge SEO techniques (White-hat only) to help your websites compete with the most authoritative domains in your industry. Effectively improving your rankings, increasing your traffic, and boosting your revenue.


CMS Development Services by 'corePHP'

Partner with the talented 'corePHP' team to develop your next website or application using Drupal, Joomla or WordPress!

In the early years of 'corePHP', our team took a leadership role in the Open Source CMS revolution, as our very own CEO Steven Pignataro was part of the original co-founding team of Joomla!

Today, our talented team specializes in customization and advanced development for the world's leading open source platforms -- Drupal, Joomla and WordPress -- for clients of all sizes across all industries.

Our team also provides development in other CMS solutions, including other PHP, Java and .NET platform CMSs.

We regularly sponsor and speak at international CMS conferences too. Come find us at a WordCamp, Joomla Day or DrupalCon event!


E-Commerce Development Services by 'corePHP'

'corePHP's development team is dedicated to helping our clients increase their bottom line!

We understand how critical it is, to convert potential customers into sales when the prospect is on your site. That’s why 'corePHP' offers a breadth of e-commerce development services to help you complete the cycle and convert an interested visitor into a lifelong customer.

Our solutions remove friction between your prospects and your conversions!


Custom Extension Development in Joomla, WordPress & Drupal

At 'corePHP' we want to help you extend the power of your CMS! Do you have an idea for an add on that could be built into your CMS for better functionality? Do you know you want and need better CMS functionality but don’t have any ideas how to get it done? No Problem!

Our talented development & design teams have been a trusted source since 2001 for designers, developers and business owners alike, to enhance performance and optimize revenues.

  • Custom extension development for Joomla!
  • Custom plugin & widget development for WordPress
  • Custom module development for Drupal
  • Made in the USA – Battle Creek, Michigan

Custom Responsive Themes for Joomla, WordPress & Drupal

Stock templates simply don’t work for everyone! If you are going to invest the time and money into a beautiful new website, then don’t settle for an off the shelf, big box design.

Your website theme is a big portion of the initial message and voice you portray to potential customers or users. Remember the saying, first impressions last! Don’t settle for a basic theme because it’s easy.

Allow our expert team at 'corePHP' to create your template or theme specifically for your company and your needs. No more wasted time, it’s responsive design, right from the start!


North America's Leader in Joomla Development

Proudly, 'corePHP' is the biggest Joomla development firm in the USA, and trust us, it’s not by mistake.

Our expert developers have been creating custom, powerful, and effective Joomla!-powered sites, extensions and custom PHP scripts since the rise of Joomla in 2005-06.

Not to mention 'corePHP's CEO also happens to be a co-founder of the Joomla! Technology! It’s safe to say, our team knows the powers of Joomla & precisely how to customize it to fit our clients needs!

From websites to intranets to custom applications – we create all kinds of amazing enterprise solutions using Joomla! For businesses, non-profits, education, and government agencies we can do it all!


WordPress Website Development by 'corePHP'

Whether you’re searching for a highly customized WordPress solution for your website, a unique WordPress widget, or interested in a tweak to one of you current WordPress plugins, our expert team at 'corePHP' can help!

Regardless of your custom requirements, and functionality goals our WordPress experts will help you from concept through implementation and into support!


Expert Drupal Development

'corePHP' is a leading Drupal web development company with an expert team of custom Drupal developers, experienced in delivering custom Drupal development services and solutions. We work with startups all the way to enterprise level organization, helping them every step along the way!

From concept, to planning and site architecture through going live, and beyond. If you need a custom Drupal solution, we are here to help!


Installations and Upgrades

More often than you may think, it's best to "call in the cavalry" to lend a hand along the way, to make sure your install or upgrade is done properly, the first time. At 'corePHP', we take the hassle out of installs, to let you focus on doing what it is you do best. Oftentimes when you do it yourself, what may have started out as a "routine" task, can quickly turn to a time consuming nightmare. Here are the steps we take, to ensure your site is properly handled throughout the process:

  • Best practice procedures
  • Full site clone and failsafe site backup
  • Data/content migration (if necessary)
  • Pre-flight performance test
  • Requirements check
  • Updates of all extensions, modules, widgets, plugins, themes & templates
  • LAMPstack requirements check
  • Apply update or upgrade
  • Pre-flight test on cloned development site
  • Post install confirmation test
  • Post install performance test

Data Migration Services

Marketers and IT professionals often agree, when it comes to the real and perceived pain of going through a data or content migration, they tend to avoid it at all costs. We all know, avoiding the inevitable, or "kicking the can down the road" will not make it any less painful later on, and it will not get your business working together, and working at peak performance any earlier either. Data migration is often perceived as a large risk in an implementation. ‘corePHP’ can help you de-risk the process for the company and alleviate your pain and navigate your company through the rough waters ahead.


Marketing Automation Integration Services

'corePHP' can integrate your marketing automation solution to get your entire customer-facing solution up and running fast. We will work with your existing solution, or help you select one to best fit your business model and marketing workflow. With the right solution in place and customized for you, you can track your campaigns, plot your progress, and implement smarter content marketing and sales strategies, continuously improving your digital strategy and grow your company's bottom line!


MailChimp Development and Integration Services

Integrating tools like MailChimp with your CMS can provide huge value to your website and organization. Our expert team of developers are well versed in integrating MailChimp with a CMS, blog, PHP, or social media platform.

Keep a pulse on your customers and ensure your products, content, or services stay in front of them on every marketing platform with our 'corePHP's custom MailChimp integration email marketing services.

Our capabilities to connect MailChimp to the apps and services you use every day (such as Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, or SurveyMonkey), allows our customers to seamlessly sync and import data from those services. It also allows for customizable add ons like integrating a signup form into your company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile. The fact is, based on the capabilities of MailChimp’s API, if you can dream it, 'corePHP' can do it!


Symfony Development Services

Symfony Framework enables your team with the tools they need to repeat their high performance, every time! Symfony Development takes the stress out of building enterprise-level applications by building them on top of Symfony Components designed to make tedious tasks easier and repeatable.


Protect Your Assets with Website Security Services

Your websites functionality, content, rankings, and traffic are important to you! Protect your investment. In today’s worrying world of hacking and cybercrime, partner together with 'corePHP' and gain peace of mind by securing all your websites and preventing future attacks.

Already having trouble? No problem! Our expert team will fix it and put in protections to stop it from occurring again! We will be there when you need us to respond quickly, and get you back up and running.


Custom Mobile App Development Services

Our aim is to help you meet your customers and users where they are, at any time and any place, regardless of the screen they happen to be on. We're here to implement your mobile strategy, with the best in mobile development of websites, applications and mobile apps.

Your employees, customers and prospects no longer need to be stationary to conduct business, so it's critical your technology is on the move too. Have 'corePHP' plan and develop your next mobile app.

Need a Custom API Developed? Contact 'corePHP'

Our team at 'corePHP' specializes in rapid mobile development to get you to market faster and smarter, with lightweight technology that put simply, just works!

Our team of talented developers select the most capable framework to save time, gain built-in functionality, and improve performance. When needed, we develop APIs to keep your data unbridled and synchronized between devices and to keep your business agile.

Whether you are just starting with building a single Web App or you are launching it with iOS and Android apps, APIs are an important part of your development cycle. Our talented and experienced ‘corePHP’ team is here to help you through the process.


I’ve Heard of an API, But What Exactly Is It?

API stands for Application Program Interface and in basic terms it’s a set of routines, protocols, and tools designed for building either applications, operating systems, or websites. API’s specify how software components should interact. In other words, APIs are the set of rules & requirements that govern how one application can and will communicate with another.

API’s facilitate information being passed between programs, which allows applications to share data and act on one another’s behalf - without the hassle or requirement of developers to share all their software’s code.

Why Are Custom APIs So Important?

In today’s technical landscape APIs are so important because they offer users convenience. In 2019 users expect to be connected, and APIs assist in facilitating that connectivity.

For example, APIs allow developers to create apps or websites that tap into larger web services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. That makes it possible for these applications to share data and act on each other’s behalf. In effect providing users the intensely “connective” experience they crave.

Additionally, APIs limit access to a specific set of features, significantly simplifying the data sharing process by circumventing the necessity of code sharing every time you want to integrate data from different applications or sites. Think of APIs as pre-built openings, allowing for the flow of data, effectively saving time, optimizing resources, and in many cases side stepping liability.

As your app scales APIs can even become an added stream of revenue for your company. The first versions of the API we will create will be private to you and your development team. Once you have gained a large number of users you can release your public APIs, allowing third party developers to build custom software enhancing your app functionality, in effect giving your users a better experience, for “free”. You can even eventually charge these developers per each API access!

Contact our API Development Team Today

If you would like to learn more about our API development services, contact us today. We would be happy to evaluate and offer solutions for all your development needs and provide you and your business with the high quality, game changing technology it needs.

Call us today at (269)-979-5582 ext 2 or email us at support@corephp.com.

We offer a no pressure consultation to look at your current custom Web development needs.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a San Francisco based company known for creating and selling the world’s largest customer relationship management (CRM) platform. These cloud-based CRM applications are aimed at enhancing sales, marketing, customer service, and much more.

The Salesforce CRM platform allows companies to manage their customer's needs, more effectively solve their customer's problems, and better identify opportunities to impact their customers business through managing information and customer interaction.


Boost Productivity with Custom Salesforce Development

Salesforce enhances the above-mentioned capabilities to manage information and customer interaction because it empowers companies to build their business on a single, secure, and scalable platform. The benefit of this single platform is that it has been designed to allow for extreme customization, allowing businesses to optimize it for their unique and specific needs.

Undoubtedly Salesforce is powerful for companies, “As-Is”, out of the box, but an implementation of the Salesforce CRM platform is much more effective once customized for your organization’s specific needs.

Our team at ‘corePHP’ is versed at identifying & fine-tuning the platform, effectively extending its power as a tool to help sell, service, and market.

‘corePHP’ Salesforce Development

Our expert team of Salesforce developers partners together with our clients to construct a platform designed through their vision of growth. Our focus is centered around delivering creative problem-solving and thoughtfully-designed Salesforce solutions, enhancing efficiency & productivity.

During development, we keep the future in mind, to ensure what we build is scalable, enabling customers to effectively utilize the tools to reach their goals now and for years to come.

Let’s Talk About How Salesforce Can Work for You

If you would like to learn more about our Salesforce development services, and how they can benefit your business, contact us today. We would be happy to evaluate and offer solutions for all your development needs and provide you and your business with the high quality, game-changing technology it needs.

Call us today at (269)-979-5582 ext 2 or email us at support@corephp.com.

We offer a no pressure consultation to look at your current custom Web development needs.

Is Your Website in Violation of the 2018 ADA Compliance Law?
Get a Comprehensive Accessibility Website Report

Penalty: Average lawsuit settlements are greater than $400,000 with a high conviction rate. 8-10 websites are in violation. Danger zone!

There is a revolution happening, and you are a more significant part of it than you realize. Disabled people have recently been suing companies for not having their website accessible to them, and they are winning. If you have a website, then you are more than likely not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance law. Unfortunately, most website developers don’t know how to program for accessibility, and even fewer companies even know they are vulnerable and a possible target for litigation.

ADA Compliance

You probably already know that the ADA exists to ensure people with disabilities have the same opportunities to use services as those without disabilities. Many people don’t realize that these regulations also include online communications (websites, apps, etc.) as well. These rules are especially enforced in the healthcare, banking, and government sector. All small businesses, regardless of size, must act under Title III of the ADA which prevents discrimination against customers with disabilities and requires them to provide accommodations that improve accessibility and participation for disabled customers. The number of lawsuits against businesses with websites that do not follow ADA compliance has more than doubled last year and is expected to grow exponentially this year. Make your site AA compliant on all items in WCAG 2.1 before it’s too late.

"Approximately 18 percent of American customers -- more than 57 million people -- have some form of disability, according to the U.S. Department of Justice."

Are You a Federal Institution? Act Now!

On January 18, 2018, the Department of Justice updated Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act to require all electronic information and communication technology (ICT) used or maintained by the federal government to be accessible to all users with disabilities. Under Section 508 (29 U.S.C. ‘794 d), agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to access available to others. This applies to suppliers as well, since government agencies must only procure ICT that is accessible. Read an overview of the updated law at https://www.access-board.gov/guidelines-and-standards/communications-and-it/about-the-ict-refresh/overview-of-the-final-rule.

How Many People Have a Disability?

Current estimates state that over 57 million Americans have a disability. This means that 18% of your potential customers may not be able to access and navigate your website. Let’s look at how these disabilities break down in real-world situations:

  • Lifting and grabbing: 19.9 million (8.2%). These impairments affect the ability to use a mouse or keyboard.
  • Cognitive, mental, or emotional impairment: 15.2 million (6.3%).
  • Vision impairment: 8.1 million (3.3%). These people typically use screen reading software, zoom the screen, or have a form of color blindness.
  • Hearing impairment: 7.6 million (3.1%). Without closed captioning, transcripts or captions these people have no way to get the message from your audio or video.

Learn more details about disability statistics by visiting the US Census Bureau website.

Piece of mind, better SEO value, and increase sales!

Did you know that the method used by search engines to scan your website is very similar to how disabled people read your website? By making your site easier to maneuver for disabled people you automatically make it easier for search engines to crawl your site and your SEO ranking will increase. You also make your site easier to navigate and allow more people to complete transactions. With an e-commerce website getting 10,000 visitors per month you may be able to capture an additional $1,700 per month or more just by making your website accessible to a wider audience.

Things to consider when building/updating your website for accessibility

  • It is essential to create a web accessibility plan as soon as possible. A key component in the Winn-Dixie lawsuit was the fact that no plan was in place to update their website. You are less likely to be sued if you have a plan and have a timeframe to implement it.
  • For companies that have compliant websites, please note that, if you are going to provide a link to another business there should be some effort to confirm the link is to an accessible website.
  • Businesses should ensure their prospective vendors or business partners are compliant.
  • Make provisions to protect yourself by securing contracts protecting your company against accessibility lawsuits.

What can I do to make sure my site is accessible?

‘corePHP’ offers a full site accessibility audit with a complete report to show you all aspects of your website that needs to be updated to become WCAG 2.1 compliant. You can trust our development team to update your site, or you can give the report to your development team to fix for you. We recommend educating everybody who adds content to your website to learn how to make sure anything new that they add is accessible. We also recommend running a quarterly audit to ensure any new content is also WCAG 2.1 compliant. We offer a monthly audit where we update any new material that has been added to provide consistent accessibility compliance.

Find out today if your website needs to be updated to be compliant with the new accessibility laws.
Get a Comprehensive Report

Common questions about website accessibility

Can I get sued if my website isn’t accessible to disabled people?

The short answer is yes. Depending on the type of industry you are servicing you may be in more danger than in others. Retail, medical, and banking are the hottest areas currently that are seeing a drastic increase in lawsuits filed. If you are running a federal website in any form, you are already running on borrowed time. Title III of the ADA prevents discrimination against customers with disabilities and requires businesses to provide accommodations that improve accessibility and participation for disabled customers. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act now makes it illegal to provide digital content used or maintained by the federal government which isn’t accessible to all users with disabilities.

Do I need to be compliant If I’m just supplying products to a store?

In the case against Winn-Dixie Stores in 2017, the Court ruled that they were required to update their website to be WCAG compliant and are required to have an accessibility audit every three months. The Court’s ruling suggests that even if a business hosts a compliant website, it may be held liable for noncompliance under Title III of the ADA if it links up to sites that are inaccessible.

Do apps need to be accessible for disabled people too?

Yes, your apps need to be accessible to people with disabilities. This is one of the sections of the WCAG. The audit that we conduct works on apps as well.

What is the minimum level I need to achieve to mitigate any lawsuits?

A successful accessibility test is assigned one of three levels of compliance (A, AA, AAA). You will need to be at least at level A but should strive for AA. Due to the strict guidelines for AAA compliance many sites are not able to achieve this level.

Does audio and video need to be compliant?

In 2016 Harvard and MIT had lawsuits filed against them for violating Title III of the ADA by failing to provide closed captioning for thousands of videos on their websites. If you supply video and/or audio to your audience then you must supply closed captioning or transcripts of your content.

What’s the most a company has paid in an accessibility lawsuit?

In January 2006 the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) filed a lawsuit against Target Corporation for not having an accessible e-commerce store. Disabled people were not able to shop and have the same opportunities as non-disabled people had on their website. Two years later Target lost the lawsuit and had to pay class damages of almost $10,000,000 ($6,000,000 to the class action suit and another $3,700,000 to attorneys). Read more about the Target lawsuit.

What can I do to make sure my site is accessible?

You should start with a website audit. Once that is complete, you will know whether or not your site is compliant. Odds are it won’t be. The report will give specific items that must change. A good web development shop can likely make these fixes. But be warned, just because they say they can, doesn’t mean they can. If the company who built your website isn’t familiar with these procedures, you should talk with us.

Educate yourself more on website accessibility

Find out today if your website needs to be updated to be compliant with the new accessibility laws.
Get a Comprehensive Report

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