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Expert Developers of Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress

Have us develop your next website or application using Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. 'corePHP's roots began with CMS development in 2001, creating custom CMS solutions. We took a leadership role in the Open-Source CMS revolution, as our very own CEO Steven Pignataro was part of the original co-founding team of Joomla!  Today, 'corePHP' specializes in customization and advanced development for the world's leading open-source platforms -- Drupal, Joomla and WordPress -- for the world's leading clients.

While we work in other CMS solutions, including other PHP, Java, and .NET platform CMSs, these three are our platforms of choice to deliver outstanding results for our worldwide clients. We regularly sponsor and speak at international CMS conferences too. Hopefully, we'll see you at a WordCamp, Joomla Day, or DrupalCon event!


CMS Development Services from 'corePHP' - Each CMS has its own its own advantages for different applications


Use the Right Content Management System (CMS) For the Job

Each CMS has its own unique DNA, and therefore, its own advantages for particular applications. WordPress usually fits best for blogging and publishing solutions; Joomla fits well for high-performance sites and intranets; and Drupal's strength in providing agile solutions for complex sites is unmatched. 'corePHP' specializes in PHP development, which covers all three of these world-class Content Management Systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CMS Development 


What does CMS mean?

The acronym CMS means Content Management System. A content management system is an application or software that is used to manage all content of a website. A CMS can also be used when developing a website or used to update content and structure of a website. A powerful CMS fitted to your needs is incredibly useful for modern websites.

Is WordPress CMS?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in 2021. While WordPress has the capability to be used for numerous different websites with different purposes, the largest attractive feature WordPress CMS offers is great blog capability.

What is the difference between a CMS and a website builder?

The difference between a CMS and a website builder is that while a website can use a CMS to manage the websites content, a CMS runs on a website. A website builder can include content that a CMS would cover, but the focus of a website builder is building and managing the interface that is your website.