Database integration, data mapping and data liberation services from 'corePHP'

Fear of Data Migration Shouldn't Dictate Business Strategy (but it often does)

Marketers and IT professionals often agree, when it comes to the real and perceived pain of going through a data or content migration, they tend to avoid it at all costs. We all know, avoiding the inevitable, or "kicking the can down the road" will not make it any less painful later on, and it will not get your business working together, and working at peak performance any earlier either. Data migration is often perceived as a large risk in an implementation. ‘corePHP’ can help you de-risk the process for the company and alleviate your pain and navigate your company through the rough waters ahead.

Data migration is often necessary when upgrading to a more efficient business solution such as Content Management, Marketing Automation and/or e-commerce. So, for moving large amounts of data, architecting a database, or simply making information usable for marketing or workflow purposes, 'corePHP's data migration services team is here to help keep your business files and information, and the systems that drive it, working at peak efficiency levels.

Benefits from ‘corePHP’s migration services include eliminating redundant data and ensuring only the proper information is loaded and available. This service eliminates duplicate or inaccurate data, eliminating costly rework and achieving the desired outcome. Spend more time planning your company’s objectives and less sorting through data.

Let 'corePHP' Help Ease Your Burden of Data and Content Migration

For data and content migration, put the work on 'corePHP' so can spend more time planning, and less time sorting through data. Using a combination of both automated and manual processes, 'corePHP's data professionals are here to help with migration, liberation, integration, and continuous improvement of your data processing systems.

'corePHP' Data Migration Services Include:

  • Setup data feeds and updates
  • Data architecting
  • Content/data extraction and synchronization
  • Connect disparate data relationships

Our experts will help lift the burden of internal resource and platform constraints, enabling you to focus on taking your business to the next level. Do not let the fear of a data migration mistake freeze your business in its tracks!

If you would like more information on our migration services, please contact us today through our website or telephone. We would be happy to help you get listed in the search engines and give your business the Internet support that your company demands to continue running at optimal levels.