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Don’t Let the Fear of Data Migration Dictate Your Business Strategy 

Marketers and IT professionals often agree, when it comes to the real and perceived pain of going through a data or content migration, they tend to avoid it at all costs. We all know, avoiding the inevitable, or "kicking the can down the road" will not make it any less painful later, and it will not get your business working together, and working at peak performance any earlier either. Data migration is often perceived as a large risk in an implementation. ‘corePHP’ can help you eliminate risks in the process for the company and alleviate your pain and navigate your company through the rough waters ahead.


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Keep Your Business Operating at Peak Efficiency 

Data migration is often necessary when upgrading to a more efficient business solution such as Content Management, Marketing Automation and/or e-commerce. So, for moving large amounts of data, architecting a database, or simply making information usable for marketing or workflow purposes, 'corePHP's data migration services team is here to help keep your business files and information, and the systems that drive it, working at peak efficiency levels.

Benefits from ‘corePHP’s migration services include eliminating redundant data and ensuring only the proper information is loaded and available. This service eliminates duplicate or inaccurate data, eliminating costly rework and achieving the desired outcome. Spend more time planning your company’s objectives and less sorting through data.


 Data Migration Services from ‘corePHP’ – Secure data migration, spend less time on data


Let 'corePHP' Free You from The Burden of Data and Content Migration

For data and content migration, put the work on 'corePHP' so can spend more time planning, and less time sorting through data. Using a combination of both automated and manual processes, 'corePHP's data professionals are here to help with migration, liberation, integration, and continuous improvement of your data processing systems.

'corePHP' Data Migration Services Include:

  • Setup data feeds and updates

  • Data architecting

  • Content/data extraction and synchronization

  • Connect disparate data relationships

Our experts will help lift the burden of internal resource and platform constraints, enabling you to focus on taking your business to the next level. Do not let the fear of a data migration mistake freeze your business in its tracks!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Data Migration


Why is data migration important?

Data migration is important because it is the way that information flows throughout your company. Data migration is crucial to your businesses server and storage hardware, and necessary when adding things like databases or large-scale data transmission. 

What are the different types of data migration?

There are four main types of data migration that business use. 

Database Migration – Moving a database from its current place to another. This can be in the form of changing vendors or upgrading the software that you are using to manage your database.

Application Migration - Migrating data from one application to another. This is needed when transferring applications because often different applications will use and store data in different ways. 

Business Process Migration – If a company is acquired by a new management or ownership, the data will need to be transformed and migrated to the new company and their databases. This can also happen when companies go through mergers and need their company data to be merged into one. 

Storage Migration– Moving physical blocks of data such as hard drives from location to location.

How much does data migration cost?

The cost of data migration can range based upon the type of data migration that needs to be done and the amount of data that needs to be moved. Depending on your needs, the costs can vary. If you are looking for data migration, we offer services to evaluate your data migration needs and offer a quote. 

What are the challenges of data migration?

Database migration challenges can be frustrating. Some of the most common challenges businesses face with data migration are data loss, hardware/server challenges, compatibility issues, and broken data. All these things can be avoided if you are aware these problems exist and take the proper steps to prevent any future mistakes. To find out what in your data migration is holding you back, or prevent future problems, talk to the experts at ‘corePHP’.