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There is a reason 'corePHP' is the biggest Joomla development firm in the USA. We treat our clients right. We listen to their needs, and create outstanding solutions for them, from websites to intranets to custom applications -- all using Joomla! We specialize in enterprise solutions for Joomla, for businesses, non-profits, education, and government agencies. 

Our developers have been creating custom Joomla! powered sites, extensions, and custom PHP scripts since the rise of Joomla in 2005-06, one of the most popular CMSs on the planet. In fact, Joomla itself has quite a bit of 'corePHP' DNA powering it, since 'corePHP's CEO happens to be a co-founder of Joomla! We know the powers of Joomla, and we know exactly how customizing Joomla can be used to power your ideas too. Here is a listing of Joomla development services we offer:


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Joomla! Services

  • Joomla website planning and development

  • Custom Joomla extension development - components, modules, and plugins

  • Customization of Joomla extensions - from JCE to K2, and much more

  • Custom template development

  • Customization of Joomla templates from RocketTheme, YooTheme, Gavick and more

  • Salesforce integration with Joomla CMS

  • Marketing Automation integration with Joomla (Mautic, Marketo, HubSpot, etc)

  • Data migration and synchronization

  • Joomla installation, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance


Get connected to the internet using Joomla – Experts in Joomla development – ‘corePHP’


Joomla Upgrades and Migrations

If you are updating or upgrading your Joomla website from a previous version, or switching CMSs from Sitecore, DNN, Drupal, WordPress, or any other CMS, 'corePHP' can help. We have the experience and personnel it takes to make sure your transition is smooth and error-free.

In addition to the services above, we can help you build the perfect Joomla-powered site or intranet with the following:

  • Joomla extension development to fit your organization's unique requirements

  • Customization of existing extensions

  • Proper integration of practically any Joomla extension

  • API development, to ensure your Joomla site can integrate with practically any enterprise software

  • Expert level security compliance measures, to ensure your site is safe

  • Performance optimization, to ensure your Joomla website is operating at peak levels

  • SEO audits and methods to garner maximum search engine compatibility and placement

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Frequently Asked Questions About Joomla!


What is Joomla! web development?

Joomla! web development is an open-source CMS (content management system) for publishing content to the web. Joomla! uses a PHP language to create strong and dynamic websites for all types of uses. The useful and intuitive interface allows you to have a customizable experience for your users. 

Who uses Joomla?

There are many large companies today using Joomla! websites to handle their online needs. The largest one currently is IKEA. Some of the other large companies using Joomla! currently are Linux, Lipton Ice Tea, Holliday Inn, and the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe.