Marketing Automation Integration  – Integrate with Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, and Mautic with help from ‘corePHP’


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'corePHP' can integrate your marketing automation solution to get your entire customer-facing solution up and running fast. We will work with your existing solution, or help you select one to best fit your business model and marketing workflow. With the right solution in place and customized for you, you can track your campaigns, plot your progress, and implement smarter content marketing and sales strategies, continuously improving your digital strategy and grow your company's bottom line!


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Choosing the correct Marketing Automation solution allows you and your company to focus more on your customers (where most companies fail), all while utilizing less effort and with lower costs. Think of it as a win-win situation for all individuals. The end user receives their desired information in a respectable time, all while being nurtured throughout the sales process.

Marketing Automation enables your company to track your company’s interaction with a potential buyer based on website visits, email clicks, and more. This insight allows your sales and marketing team to further understand the prospective buyer and their tendencies.


Marketing Automation Services – Viewing automated marketing results


Integrate Your Marketing Automation With CMS and Sales Automation

Marketing Automation integration is a critical element for today's end-to-end online business systems. Your content marketing strategy depends on it to succeed, and 'corePHP' can help you get there.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Automation


Who needs marketing automation?

Any business can benefit greatly from having a good marketing automation plan in place. Marketing automation allows you to not only connect better with existing customers, but also can help you to find qualified leads. Marketing automation helps to connect sales and marketing to go after qualified leads which results in a better return on investment and a better connection to your customer base. 

What are examples of marketing automation?

There are many forms of marketing automation and often times more than one method is being used at the same time or together. Some of the most common marketing automation methods are social media automation, e-mail marketing automation, gated content, and messages and updates. When you sign up with your email for a company, you are entering that companies marketing automation funnel. To find out what marketing automation tools can work best for you, talk to the experts at ‘corePHP’.

Which industries use marketing automation?

Marketing automation is used in nearly all industries with both B2B and B2C businesses. While marketing automation can be used in almost any industry, there are certain types of marketing automation that may be better suited depending on the industry. To find out more about what types of marketing automation can work the best for you, get in touch with our marketing automation team and see what you have been missing out on.