Marketing Automation integrators -  Salesforce Pardot, Marketo and Mautic

Make More Informed Marketing Decisions

'corePHP' can integrate your marketing automation solution to get your entire customer-facing solution up and running fast. We will work with your existing solution, or help you select one to best fit your business model and marketing workflow. With the right solution in place and customized for you, you can track your campaigns, plot your progress, and implement smarter content marketing and sales strategies, continuously improving your digital strategy and grow your company's bottom line!

Choosing the correct Marketing Automation solution allows you and your company to focus more on your customers (where most companies fail), all while utilizing less effort and with lower costs. Think of it as a win-win situation for all individuals. The end user receives their desired information in a respectable time, all while being nurtured throughout the sales process.

Marketing Automation enables your company to track your company’s interaction with a potential buyer based on website visits, email clicks, and more. This insight allows your sales and marketing team to further understand the prospective buyer and their tendencies.

Integrate Your Marketing Automation With CMS & Sales Automation

Marketing Automation integration is a critical element for today's end-to-end online business systems. Your content marketing strategy depends on it to succeed, and 'corePHP' can help you get there.

If you would like to discuss the details of our services, reach out to us either on our website or on the telephone. We would be happy to look into your needs and offer our best solutions to help your business, call today!