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We get a lot of new clients who come to us saying, "I've looked at hundreds of stock templates and themes, but none of them fit our company." Honestly, in most cases, it makes far more sense to have 'corePHP' create your template or theme specifically for you, rather than choose an off-the shelf design. It's responsive, right from the start, with fewer headaches.

Sure, there are many talented theme houses out there (we work with many of them) but what you'll often find is they lack the features you really need, and the features that are built-in add up to a lot more bloat (slow-loading) to their theme. So save yourself a lot of headaches, and have 'corePHP' create it right, right from the start.

Some common reasons for a custom design, versus an off-the-shelf stock template include:

  • Your business is unique. A custom theme is less expensive than you may think, to ensure your site won't look like anyone else's out there.
  • Flexibility. Your custom theme will be crafted to fit your business like a glove. It will move with you, grow with you, and allow you to make changes, without worrying about stock templates' regular updates, which oftentimes overwrite customizations you've made to your site's look, fit and feel.
  • Your need for speed. Off the shelf themes and templates tend to have quite a bit of bloat to them, as the developers write code to fit every potential design scenario. Why suffer with speed bumps, SEO degradation and performance shortcomings, when you can cut the code down to what's important, and enhance your site's performance.

Give 'corePHP' a call to discuss your site's theme or template. We'll handle the development. We can handle doing design too, or we're very happy to work directly with your designer or digital agency.

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