Responsive themes and templates from 'corePHP' for Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, paGO, and more!

Responsive Templates and Themes, Custom-Fitted For Your Business

We’re constantly approached by clients who say, "I've looked at hundreds of stock templates and themes, but none of them fit our company."

So, don’t worry you’re not alone!

In fact, in most cases, it makes far more sense to have 'corePHP' create a template or theme specifically for you, rather than choose an off-the shelf design. It's responsive design, right from the start, with fewer headaches.

This is your business on the line, and your theme is your message. Stock templates, like WordPress website design templates, often lack the features you need, and tend to be weighed down by those features you don’t need. That means your site will load a lot slower, and nobody wants that. Why not save yourself a lot of headaches, and have 'corePHP' create it right, right from the start?

Custom templates and themes from 'corePHP'

Why Go With a Custom Theme?

    • Unique marketing. Why look like everyone else? A custom theme is less expensive than you may think, to ensure your site won't look like anyone else's out there. Have us create responsive design that's unique to your business.
    • Far better SEO. A custom theme from 'corePHP' will be vastly superior to a stock template or theme. Factory-produced themes and templates are designed to sell to the mass audience, trying to please everyones' needs, versus satisfying your specific needs. Today, SEO is the name of the game, and 'corePHP' can design your theme and all its variations, to maximize SEO on every single page.
    • Flexibility. Your custom theme will be crafted to fit your business like a glove. It will move with you, grow with you, and allow you to make changes, without worrying about stock templates' regular updates, which oftentimes overwrite customizations you've made to your site's look, fit and feel. Plus, we can easily create variations and unique views that you just can't accomplish within the confines of a stock template or theme.
    • Stock themes are slow! You have a need for speed if you want to keep your customers' attention and gain vital SEO. Off the shelf themes and templates tend to have quite a bit of bloat to them, as the developers write code to fit every potential design scenario. Why suffer with speed bumps, SEO degradation and performance shortcomings, when you can cut the code down to what's important, and enhance your site's performance? Go with a custom theme from 'corePHP' and do it right!
    • Google is indexing Mobile versions of your site first for SEO purposes! That means you better have a responsive design today if you want potential customers finding your site.


If you would like more information on having us design you a custom responsive theme contact us today, we would enjoy discussing the options with you.