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Let’s face it … A business website is the life blood of your business. Being hacked shows the world that your site is insecure… And if insecure, it begs the question, can you be trusted with their information and business? Every day we hear the following from many clients:

"Our site was attacked and is now infected with malware and I have no idea what to do!"

Often these same clients are flagged as ‘dangerous’ by Google’s® SafeBrowsing system. Anyone browsing a marked site would seek out your competitor as their next click is away from you. The solution has arrived - ‘corePHP’ is now offering one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive Security Audit services available. ‘corePHP’ Security Audit provides you the confidence that not only are you not only running a secure site, but our multipoint audit will give you the proper direction to keep your site up to enterprise grade security.

Need help maintaining your site? ‘corePHP’ offers maintenance packages to help keep your website up to date.

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This feature rich service comes complete with:

  • Full Anti-Virus Scan, using the latest in Enterprise Class A/V Scanning of site files and folders for all types of malware, viruses, injections, vulnerabilities
  • Full review of system LOGS to determine how the criminal hacker gained unauthorized access. Additionally, the log review will determine if you are currently being Fingerprinted to find weaknesses by hackers.*
  • Our proprietary verification method ensures CORE CMS files are complete and not altered in some way that could go undetected by other lesser tools and offerings – helping to catch malware that can hide from Virus Scans.
  • Upon completion of the security audit, site will be cleaned of any and all malware or malware type files – ensuring the hackers handy work has been removed.
  • Patch CMS and extensions to help prevent future attacks**
  • Review and adjust server side settings as needed.
  • Provide a report of actions you can take immediately to increase your sites defensive security posture as well as an audit report of findings.
* Logs must be available for time of attack to be reviewed.
** Due to the nature of technology, no guarantees against attacks can be made

Why Choose ‘corePHP’ to audit your site

Very common question with a simple answer -- We do the audits right. We deliver a report that tells you the story of that sites current security posture, how it was vulnerable and more. We help you be preventative, rather than reactive. And we help you understand what actions you can take to further prevent these issue from happening again and again.

‘corePHP’, working with industry experts, has developed and is proud to bring you and Enterprise Class methodology for audit, cleaning and prevention Before you sign up for another ‘ malware scan’ again, contact ‘corePHP’ for a real, comprehensive and professional security audit and hack clean up. Contact ‘corePHP’ today to get pricing and an appointment to begin your Security Audit.

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