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Are you looking for a new design or template for your website? Our Joomla website designers can help you with anything from a PSD design to a full-blown ecommerce website template.

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With so many WordPress designers out there, how do you spot the good from the bad? Maybe you're reading this page and wondering "Why should I hire 'corePHP' for my WordPress design?". Good question, and here's the answer:

So, why 'corePHP'?

During our years in the WordPress industry, we've seen it all - both as designers and clients. There's no reason for you to go through the same time-consuming journey, so we've taken our experiences and created WordPress design and development services - the way they should be!

Here are 4 important things we guarantee you:

  • No late delivery. You get your WordPress design within the agreed deadline.
  • No bad coding. Your WordPress theme is coded with the latest, modern development techniques.
  • No secretly rebranded theme. If you want a unique WordPress theme, we design and develop from scratch.
  • No cookie-cutter solutions. From a small blog to an enterprise website, you always get a design based on your needs.

Custom Theme Design

Do you want a highly customized WordPress website that looks like no other site? Let us know your vision and requirements, and we'll design a custom WordPress theme for you.

You can choose to hire our WordPress designers for a theme design, or go for a complete website with the help of our WordPress developers.

Theme Customization

Are you happy with your current WordPress theme, but want to change a few things? For example:

  • Change font size and color
  • Upload a new header image
  • Edit the content in your footer
  • Adjust the height of your header image
  • Customize styling of your widgets to fit your theme

Let us know what you want to change, and we'll help you.

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