Installing Chimp Your Joomla

Go to your account at and login in. From the top right menu called account, select downloads from the menu:


You will then want to view files that are available for download. In this case, there's only one:

view files

Proceed to download file to your computer:


Log in to your site's administrator control panel at ( and go to Extensions > Extension Manager:

extension manager

Now upload the Chimp your Joomla Plugin:

upload chimpyourjoomla plugin

 Upon Successful installation, you will see the following confirmation message:

 install successful

Chimp Your Joomla Configuration

After the successful installation of Chimp Your Joomla, you need to:

  1. head over to the Extensions > Plugin Manager
  2. Search for "Chimp" in the search bar
  3. Click on System - Chimp Your Joomla! (pro if you purchased the pro version)

enable plugin

By default, you will see the plugin tab and fields for both your MailChimp API and List ID.

Mailchimp API can be found by clicking on your account name > account settings as shown below:

mailchimp account settings

Next, from the menu across the middle of the content area, select ExtrasAPI key to view your API keys. If you do not have any API keys yet, you can create one here.

mailchimp api key

Copy and paste your API key into the Chimp Your Joomla plugin page where it shows Mailchimp API

mailchimp api list id config

Next, create or choose a list in Mailchimp that you want all of the new registrations on your Joomla site to go to. 

In Mailchimp, click on list, then click on the list name of the list you want the new emails to drop in to

mailchimp list

Now look at the URL. The ending of the URL is id=xxxxxxx where the "x's" stand for the ID number of that list.

list id in URL

Put that code into the line called mailchimp List ID in the Joomla Plugin page:

mailchimp api list id config

Now save the plugin and you're done with the Basic Setup!