'corePHP' Subscription Terms of Service -

What do I get with my subscription payment?

You are purchasing a 12 month subscription. Unless stated otherwise on its product page, each product subscription includes the components, plugins, modules, documentation and technical support. If you have any trouble, our support services are always available and are part of your subscription. What comes with your subscription?

  • The Product: You will receive all the necessary down-loadable zipped files with each purchase.
  • Documentation: Each product includes extensive documentation. In the documentation, we provide the information you need for a successful launch. If you need additional information or assistance we are available via our support desk and our community forums.
  • Technical support: Over the top technical support to resolve technical issues. Each subscription you are provided support for 1 live site only. 'corePHP' only supports extensions installed on the most recent stable version(s) of Joomla!
  • Upgrades and Bug fixes: As a subscriber, you will receive product upgrades and bug fixes as they are released up to six months from the subscription date.
What does the subscription not cover?

'corePHP' offers a variety of subscriptions. Each one has different requirements and limitations, listed below. If you need assistance in this area, please contact our professional services:

WordPress for Joomla! 3.x

  • The 'corePHP' subscription does not include fixes of poorly coded templates. The WordPress for Joomla! templates by 'corePHP' have been successfully field tested. We realize that poorly coded templates may cause issues. Please contact our professional template design services if issues arise and we will investigate the problem.
  • 'corePHP' will not fix any server issues that you may experience. Please contact your hosting provider.
  • 'corePHP' will not fix 3rd party products on your site.
  • 'corePHP' will not fix coding mistakes that you have created. It is not our responsibility to fix mistakes that are not part of our product.
  • 'corePHP' will not work on your templates for free. If you need work done, please contact our professional template design services for assistance.
  • 'corePHP' will not fix 3rd party plugins, templates or any other WordPress items for free. If something is not working out of the box please contact our professional services for assistance.

All of our Products

  • 'corePHP' does not offer support for local installs. It is impossible for us to troubleshoot what we cannot see nor test.
  • 'corePHP' will not fix any software or products that are not our own.
  • 'corePHP' will not install server components because our software may be incompatible with old server configurations. Please contact your hosting provider to make adjustments.
  • 'corePHP' will not fix your templates or adjustments in CSS. Please contact our professional services.
  • 'corePHP' may require FTP and Joomla! super admin access. 'corePHP' will only work with FTP and Joomla! access and not with screen sharing software, VPN's, or 3rd party file management components that work inside of Joomla!. 'corePHP' retains the right to refuse support if this request is not met.
What happens when my subscription ends?

Your subscription will auto-renew. But you are not bound to have your subscription and can cancel it at any time. All subscriptions come with updates for the software and when your subscription ends you will be able to to continue running your application. When your subscription ends you will not be able download the products or get technical support from 'corePHP'. We highly suggest to renew your subscription as our products are continually updated.

Affiliate Club Terms of Service
  • You must an active 'corePHP' account and in good standing to be an Affiliate.
  • Payouts are made four times a year (Jan 31, April 30, July 31, Oct 31) providing your account is active and in good standing.
  • Referrals must have cookies enabled. Your Affiliate ID cookies expire after 15 days. What this means is that anyone who clicks your referral link must subscribe within 15 days.
  • Affiliates cannot earn credit for signing up themselves and if they do all their referrals will be void. 'corePHP' uses several means to track this so be sure to comply.
  • 'corePHP' will issue a check to an affiliate only after a minimum of $100 USD is due. If the minimum is not met by the payment cycle the affiliate will not be sent a check until the next billing cycle.
  • Referral income can not be credited to your account.

Terms of Service
  • You are authorized to make any necessary modifications to our extensions to fit your purposes. You may not, however, change or remove the copyright information from any file. Our software is protected under the GNU/GPL license - please keep the copyright notices.
  • You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of 'corePHP', LLC.
  • Our products are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall 'corePHP', LLC be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.
  • 'corePHP' extensions will specify which version of Joomla! they are compatible with and are tested with only core Joomla functionality and core Joomla! modules, components and other said features. As such we cannot guarantee that the products will run with past or future versions of these CMS's nor can we guarantee that any of our products will work with any 3rd party extension developed for the Joomla! CMS. Please read the documentation and FAQ for each of our products for further information.
  • Since we do not issue refunds after the payment is made for our subscription service, you are responsible for undertaking all reasonable steps to ensure our products will meet your specific needs prior to subscription either by, but limited to, reading discussions on the 'corePHP' forums or contacting us directly via our support desk.
  • By registering for a free or subscription account on the 'corePHP' site you agree to be automatically subscribed to our mailing list. 'corePHP' publishes a newsletter informing registered users of, but not limited to, version releases of our software with bug fixes, new updated components, new components and special offers.
  • 'corePHP' has the right to refuse support services for customers without a good standing account.
  • 'corePHP' will not sell nor rent your mailing details or make publicly available any said information.
  • 'corePHP' reserves the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice.

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